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Enjoy crosswords but not those frustrating blank boxes when you can’t solve a clue? Like Sudoku or KenKen but know there is more to life than the numbers 1 through 9? Setka combines wordplay and logic. You solve clues on a theme to complete grids where letters do not repeat in a row or column. Every single letter in the grid is part of an answer. Unlike a crossword, you can complete the grid even if you don’t know some of the clues, since letters don’t repeat in any row/column. Unlike a pure logic game, there is still a fun element once the grid is solved to return to lingering clues you just couldn’t get, because now you have the letters. Whether you focus on answering clues or completing the grid, the answer is the same!

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In addition to Setka, check out SudoSetka, where puzzle letters are revealed by solving clues and then turned into numbers, which are then entered in a grid Sudoku-style.

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A PuzzleNation First Look: Setka

Setka received a great review on the Puzzle nation blog! Check it out here.

“All in all, I enjoyed trying out Setka — I solved a half-dozen or so puzzles to get a feel for different sizes and difficulties — and I think they’ve forged an engaging and clever combination of crossword-style cluing and Sudoku-style solving.” – Puzzle Nation

Available in Games World of Puzzles!

We are proud to announce that Setka will be published again in the June 2020 issue of Games World of Puzzles magazine!

You can also find Setka in the December 2019 issue. Games World of Puzzles is published by Kappa Publishing Group, Inc., of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, the leading publisher of puzzle magazines.

“And we also introduce a brand-new puzzle, “Setka” (page 54), which blends crossword-style clues with Sudoku. This novel brainteaser comes to us courtesy of first-time contributor Rachel Geman.” – Games World of Puzzles


Bespoke Setka! If you want to give your loved one a Setka with their name as the theme (awwwww), or introduce it to your school (school name, mascot, etc.), or your workplace (some people bring donuts, some people bring brain food…some people eat all the donuts after passing out the brain food), ping us and we can work something out, time permitting. What do we get in return? Frankly, we’re new and we need the publicity. And, if you consider a teeny donation to a charity, we won’t object.

Another way to Be Setka–see what we’re doing there!–is to send us themes or things you want to see in the games. If we use your theme, we are happy to give you a shout out. If you want.