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Our Story

Setka is the brainchild of Puzzle Maker Rachel Geman. Once upon a time, Rachel was flying home from a business trip when her computer died,  her  book was done, and she was too tired to work. (In real life, Rachel is a lawyer.) She had played the games in the in-flight magazine wondering, grumpily, why there wasn’t a grid-based game with letters instead of numbers, and fun clues to boot. So she created that game (hint: it’s Setka!), and showed the early version to some puzzle fans, including her friend and former kindergarten co-class parent Rek.  Rek passed the game along to several friends, one of whom, Maggie, liked it so much she got involved too.

After countless hours of discussion with everyone and anyone that would listen, Setka Games was born. The hope is Setka will join other puzzles as an activity of choice… or even a temporary respite on those long trips home.

Warmly, Rachel, Rek, and Maggie

We’d love to hear from you

We are always interested in hearing from our puzzle community and would love to hear from you! Please reach out to setkagame@gmail.com or use our contact page.