Setka – (Greenwich Village) Resident

How to play Setka, the short version:

  • Answer each clue using only Puzzle Letters and vowels.

  • Clue answers, minus vowels and duplicate letters, go in the corresponding boxes in the grid. Only Puzzle Letters in the grid!

  • Puzzle Letters can be entered forward/backward/up/down/L-shape, but not jumbled. They also cannot repeat in a row or column.

For the optimal playing experience, play on your device in landscape mode (hold your device horizontally).

Click here to see the full instructions.

Puzzle Letters: R, S, D, N, T

1.    1.    2.    3.    3.   

4.    4.    2.    3.    5.   

6.    7.    7.    7.    5.   

8.    8.    9.    9.    9.   

10. 10. 10. 10. 10.

Need help? Check out the Setka+ board. The plus sign denotes where each clue answer starts.


1.            1+             2.            3.           3+            
4.            4+             2+           3.            5.           
6.              7.             7.             7+          5+            
8.              8+            9.             9.           9+         
10+        10.           10.          10.         10.        


1. __________ St. Vincent Millay, famous village poet, feminist, and LGBTQ icon.

2. In “Kafka Was the Rage: A Greenwich Village Memoir,” author Broyard talks about taking classes at this school (initials only) in the post-war (post WWII) era, where he learned about “the new trends in art, sex, and psychosis.”

3. Back in the day, one might leave one’s comfortable upper east side apartment and head to the village for some outre art and maybe a __________ affair.

4. The average and median salary and __________ of village residents has skyrocketed.

5. Associate the Village with bohemia? Not so fast! New York State was among the last, if not *the* last, in the nation to adopt no-fault divorce. If in the 40s or 50s, as the result of the affair in clue 3, you needed a divorce, you may have needed to travel and stay for a few weeks in this city, once known as the divorce capital of the country.

6. Name of scary antagonist in The Pope of Greenwich Village.

7. Jane or Christopher.

8. Even when NYC was __________ bankruptcy, Greenwich Village was popular (and fared better than its neighbor to the east).

9. Feeling after having eaten at Carbone or other delicious Greenwich Village restaurants.

10. Nearly 100-year-old independent bookstore on Broadway.

Prefer to play Setka with pencil and paper? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Download and print the pdfs below.

Download and play Setka, (Greenwich Village) Resident

Download and play Setka+, (Greenwich Village) Resident