Setka – Mass Transportation

How to play Setka, the short version:

  • Answer each clue using only Puzzle Letters and vowels.

  • Clue answers, minus vowels and duplicate letters, go in the corresponding boxes in the grid. Only Puzzle Letters in the grid!

  • Puzzle Letters can be entered forward/backward/up/down/L-shape, but not jumbled. They also cannot repeat in a row or column.

For the optimal playing experience, play on your device in landscape mode (hold your device horizontally).

Click here to see the full instructions.

Puzzle Letters: M, S, T, R, N, P

1.    1.    1.    1.    1.    2.   

3.    3.    3.    4.    4.    2.   

5.    6.    7.    8.    9.    9.   

10. 6.    7.    8.    11. 12.

10. 6.    7.    13. 11. 12.

10. 14. 14. 13. 15. 15.

Need help? Check out the Setka+ board. The plus sign denotes where each clue answer starts.


1+           1.            1.             1.             1.             2+           
3.             3.            3+            4.            4+            2.           
5.             6.            7+           8+           9.             9+           
10.          6.            7.             8.             11.          12+         
10.          6+           7.            13+        11+         12.         
10+        14+       14.          13.          15+         15.         


1. Hermes got the gig of God of Roadways and Travelers just because his dad was friggin’ Zeus. Talk about __________!

2. Medical professional for which the U.S. is sorely in need, explaining why these professional workers from the Philippines come en masse to fill these important positions. (Initials only.)

3. __________ are a form of mass transportation of often false or scandalous information. (Hint: also the name of a famous 70s album with the song “You can go your own way”.)

4. East Asian capital city whose rapid transit system has signage in English and multiple Chinese languages.

5. A central character in a children’s series about a white settler family that, like so many others, traveled to (and appropriated) Native American lands; he himself had to travel great distances to find work before the advent of modern transportation.

6. First home of animal known for its mass migration south in the winter.

7. Communities need to relocate again and again as __________ devastate vulnerable areas again and again in certain parts of South Asia.

8. Initials of British engineer who harnessed high-pressure steam to invent the world’s first actually-working steam-powered train. Not to be confused with James Watt or Thomas Newcomen (dudes we’ve never heard of, either, to say nothing of folks who likely contributed but who history has ignored…).

9. Source of energy for some mass transit systems, like the one in Santiago, Chile. Now that’s hot!

10. Residents of NYC, Glasgow, Tokyo, and Beijing call it the subway, but in Moscow, Paris, and Mexico City, among other places, the rapid transit system is known as the __________.

11. You may need to ride the bus if the __________-man takes your car.

12. Tool to help navigate any mass transit system. (Fun fact: also the initials of the second female Transportation Secretary, Elizabeth Dole being the first.)

13. We can put a (a)__________ on the (b)__________ but our infrastructure is unsafe.

14. A __________-way is a new, ecological form of urban transit.

15. A first-class __________ on an airplane can mean different things – more space, or, as with some airlines, not much more space but no one in the middle.

Prefer to play Setka with pencil and paper? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Download and print the pdfs below.

Download and play Setka, Mass Transportation

Download and play Setka+, Mass Transportation