Setka – Schadenfreude

How to play Setka, the short version:

  • Answer each clue using only Puzzle Letters and vowels.

  • Clue answers, minus vowels and duplicate letters, go in the corresponding boxes in the grid. Only Puzzle Letters in the grid!

  • Puzzle Letters can be entered forward/backward/up/down/L-shape, but not jumbled. They also cannot repeat in a row or column.

For the optimal playing experience, play on your device in landscape mode (hold your device horizontally).

Click here to see the full instructions.

Puzzle Letters: S, C, H, D, N, F, R

1.    2.    3.    3.    3.    4.    4.   

1.    1.    5.    6.    7.    7.    8.   

9.    1.    5.    6.    10. 11. 8.   

12. 13. 5.    15. 10. 16. 8.   

12. 13. 14. 15. 10. 16. 17.

18. 18. 18. 18. 10. 16. 17.

19. 19. 19. 20. 20. 21. 21.

Need help? Check out the Setka+ board. The plus sign denotes where each clue answer starts.


1.               2.                3.                3.                 3+              4.              4+             
1.               1.                5+              6+               7+              7.              8+             
9.               1+              5.                6.               10.              11.             8.             
12+           13.             5.             15+             10.             16.            8.            
12.            13+           14.            15.              10.             16.           17+            
18+           18.            18.             18.             10+           16+          17.            
19+           19.            19.             20.              20+           21+          21.            


1. They may be teased as kids for their freckles or pale skin, but elicit jealousy later on for their gorgeous locks that rarely go gray.

2. Someone cheated on the test you studied your butt off for. You got an A. They passed, but, whatever, no report card looks good with a __________.

3. They say children experience schadenfreude more than adults, or maybe it’s just that adults have a more finely-__________ sense of control.

4. In the language that gave us schadenfreude, wanderlust, and volksgeist, this word translates to “Mrs.”

5. “The Moronic __________”, essays by author Martin Amis, who rather famously said that “the English feel schadenfreude even about themselves.”

6. The infamous Marquis de __________ was known for a certain specific form of joy in pain.

7. Type of society, populated by the young, rich, and beautiful, coined in or around 1915. No schadenfreude possibilities here, right?

8. Reality TV __________ the bar for schadenfreude.

9. Drink a nice hot cup of __________ and watch others outside in the rain (h/t: Avenue Q).

10. A tingling, thrilling feeling on your skin during certain music. Can also describe a sudden surge of excitement commonly felt alongside many complicated experiences, including our puzzle’s theme.

11. What a villain might say after putting the hero in dangerous and seemingly impossible-to-escape situation.

12. Writer Gore Vidal quips that “it is not enough that I should succeed; others must fail.” Among his many other bon mots is “love is a ________ club with only two ________s.”

13. “Waiting for the other ________ to drop” is a sort of anticipatory schadenfreude, no?

14. They say people with __________ self-esteem (first letter only) are less likely to experience schadenfreude, and those with low self-esteem are thus more likely.

15. Initials of the star of panned film Alexander: schadenfreude, Hollywood style!

16. A __________ and adverse change in circumstances, a la Trading Places, allows for some fun ‘how are the mighty fallen’ moments.

17. Those on Team Ginny Weasley who saw her as a threat were not exactly happy about her sadness, but it also didn’t bother them too much. First name only.

18. One of those other reindeer who used to laugh and call Rudolph names.

19. The scene when Miss Elizabeth Bennett decided with no hesitation and a lot of moxie to __________ Mr. Collins: schadenfreude at its most delicious.

20. Initials of iconic Eastwood character introduced to the world in eponymous 1971 film. Some felt he personified justice-based schadenfreude at its most satisfying; others hated him.

21. You might feel a nice touch of the ol’ schadenfreude when the middle school bully develops a terrible case of this.

Prefer to play Setka with pencil and paper? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Download and print the pdfs below.

Download and play Setka, Schadenfreude

Download and play Setka+, Schadenfreude